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photo invitationIt is that time of the year when we start to look forward to the festive season, pull out all our analytical graphs and start forecasting how many of our visitors

  • will like us,
  • plan their events with us,
  • and now, even send their ecards

using our platform, yes, …
the New EventEve.com! :)

Why – The New EventEve.com ?

Our apologies for the very delayed official post on this announcement. In 2012, we were promising all of you who were asking for more features and customizations, that we were taking down all your requests and incorporating in the New EventEve. In December 2012, we realized we needed to migrate to better infrastructure to support the growing traffic, hence we did a technical migration in January 2013. We waited till April to deploy the New EventEve and since then, we have been working so much, we forgot to do a formal announcement, i.e. via this blog. On the site, we were leaving messages for you at every stage.

The New EventEve is a big achievement for our team. But this would not have been possible without the love, support, patience and appreciation of all of you. Whenever you write, whenever you call, it is a pleasure to hear you out, provide resolutions to your queries. Your search, your questions, your specific requirements, your concerns and your feedback give us all the information and inspiration we need – what we need to do further! :)

The interesting new modules/features added to EventEve in 2013 are:

  • Gallery of Invitation Designs: SignUp/SignIn only when you have chosen a design, perfect for your invitation or eCard.
  • E-Cards: In minimum possible clicks, you can send an eCard (could be a greeting, an invitation card without RSVP, or an announcement). Interestingly, any design from the Gallery can be customized as a detailed Invitation or a simple eCard.
  • Photo Invitation Designs: Design customizations are now quite advanced. A new category (Your image) has also been added to showcase the designs that enable you to upload and use your own image.

Please continue to send out your e-cards, announcements and invitations via EventEve.com this festive season as well. We are here to assist you. And wait to hear from you via comments on our blogs, Email, Feedback and ContactUs widgets on the site and our Social Media Platforms.

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Happy Partying!
The EventEve Team

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