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photo invitationIt is that time of the year when we start to look forward to the festive season, pull out all our analytical graphs and start forecasting how many of our visitors

  • will like us,
  • plan their events with us,
  • and now, even send their ecards

using our platform, yes, …
the New EventEve.com! :)

Why – The New EventEve.com ?

Our apologies for the very delayed official post on this announcement. In 2012, we were promising all of you who were asking for more features and customizations, that we were taking down all your requests and incorporating in the New EventEve. In December 2012, we realized we needed to migrate to better infrastructure to support the growing traffic, hence we did a technical migration in January 2013. We waited till April to deploy the New EventEve and since then, we have been working so much, we forgot to do a formal announcement, i.e. via this blog. On the site, we were leaving messages for you at every stage.

The New EventEve is a big achievement for our team. But this would not have been possible without the love, support, patience and appreciation of all of you. Whenever you write, whenever you call, it is a pleasure to hear you out, provide resolutions to your queries. Your search, your questions, your specific requirements, your concerns and your feedback give us all the information and inspiration we need – what we need to do further! :)

The interesting new modules/features added to EventEve in 2013 are:

  • Gallery of Invitation Designs: SignUp/SignIn only when you have chosen a design, perfect for your invitation or eCard.
  • E-Cards: In minimum possible clicks, you can send an eCard (could be a greeting, an invitation card without RSVP, or an announcement). Interestingly, any design from the Gallery can be customized as a detailed Invitation or a simple eCard.
  • Photo Invitation Designs: Design customizations are now quite advanced. A new category (Your image) has also been added to showcase the designs that enable you to upload and use your own image.

Please continue to send out your e-cards, announcements and invitations via EventEve.com this festive season as well. We are here to assist you. And wait to hear from you via comments on our blogs, Email, Feedback and ContactUs widgets on the site and our Social Media Platforms.

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Happy Partying!
The EventEve Team

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Potluck Party Invitations @ EventEve.com

potluck party foodFor people who love to host parties, but are too busy to throw one, Potluck Parties are the answer!

A Potluck party is where party host provides a venue/place for the party with the basic arrangement, and optionally some food and drinks too. Party host prepares a list of food items, drinks, desserts, etc. with the required quantity of each item. The Guests are expected to choose the items and the quantities that they will bring.

At EventEve.com, we have developed this feature to make potluck party planning an absolutely stress-free, fun activity! On the Invitation page, guests see the list of items they can bring for a Potluck party. Guests can be allowed to add their own items to the list too. Party Host and guests can at anytime see the Potluck Report – “who is bringing what”.

In case all the items don’t get picked from the Potluck list, host can take a call to email one or more guest(s) to check if he/she can bring it or can take care of it by himself/ herself.

Our sincere thanks to all the users who have used this feature and provided feedback on improving it. :)
To check all our features, click here

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Happy Partying!
The EventEve Team

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Thankyou for 1000+ Likes on Facebook

EventEve milestone celebrationYes friends, it is time to raise a toast together again!

Don’t know if you guys missed hearing from us, we for sure, missed writing to you about the latest at our end! :)

Before sharing where we were and what we were upto, thankyou folks, for being with us in our journey at EventEve.com. Alone we would definitely have got lost, gone mad or crashed – juggling Page Designs, Additional Features, Bug Fixes, User Support, Party Ideas, APIs, Analytics, Facebook, LinkedIn… to name a few…Phew!

Its time to pull ourselves together to say, “All is Well” at our end too! We are assuming “All is Well” at your end…if not, leave a comment, and we’ll bring some cheer your way… ;)

Jokes apart, we have shifted our base to Noida, India. And as always, we are working on various parallel threads to bring more value add to you, the users of EventEve.com.

Some recent things we were working on are:

  1. Find your local Party Planners and Party Suppliers
  2. A New Party Ideas Blog
  3. On Blogger
  4. On Facebook
  5. On LinkedIn

Some of the invitation designs that are available via EventEve.com are shared on this page

Choose what you want to read today:
Party Games | Party Food Recipes | Estimating Party Budget | Party Checklist | Gift Ideas

To Post you own Party Ideas, at the bottom of Party Ideas pages, look for Share your Party Ideas
After a quick approval, it will start appearing on our Party Ideas section with your Name.. :)

Wish us luck as there are still miles to cover, and now it is a sprint! ;)
The EventEve Team

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How to celebrate Christmas – a few ideas!

Merry Christmas

Thank you God, it is time again for celebrations – Winter Carnivals, Thanksgiving, Christmas, all laying the red carpet to welcome New Year with a big Bang!

A few Ideas to Celebrate Christmas :

1. Send Cards/e-Cards to all friends and family wishing them a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
2. Set up a Christmas tree at your place. Decorate it with lights and ornaments like stars, bells, balls, gift boxes, cotton (snow), candy canes, etc. Use ribbons (red and white) to tie bows on tree branches.
3. Light the outdoor plants, trees and shrubs.
4. Make some lovely stockings to hold Santa’s gifts for each of your family members and hang them from your mantel.
5. Grab the wish lists of your kids for Santa. ;)
6. Visit Church on Christmas Eve.
7. Host a gift exchange party where each person brings a gift for a specific person (as suggested by the host at the time of invitation).
8. If some of your friends can join you, rehearse some Christmas Carols, dress one friend as Santa Claus and go as a singing choir to visit neighborhood families/friends and an orphanage with some gifts/eatables.
9. When the kids have nothing else to do, play them a nice Christmas movie with a good supply of popcorns and cookies.
10. Gift wrap the gifts for friends and family. Place them below the Christmas tree with Name Tags on Christmas Eve (to be picked only on Christmas morning).

p.s. If Christmas tree and all are not your way of doing it, consider leaving a gift of your kid’s choice by the side of his/her pillow, signed by Santa, before it’s Christmas morning. :)

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Make Merry!
The EventEve Team
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A Milestone achieved!

A Milestone AchievedIt has been 6 months since we released the Beta version of EventEve.com.

We started aggressively on collecting, analyzing and implementing feedback from all our friends and family. There were bugs and performance issues to handle and never-ending list of enhancements to make. We sometimes ran miles, sometimes jumped to cross hurdles, sometimes got tired and slept…

On the journey, we have learnt to use GoogleAnalytics, Facebook, SEO and a few more fundamental tools to enrich EventEve.com and make people aware of its features. Although we still have our never-ending list of things-to-do in EventEve, we’d like to pause, just a little, to list a few recent achievements of EventEve:

  1. The performance of the site has improved considerably
  2. Major enhancements include:
    • Visitors can now login into EventEve.com using any of their Facebook / Gmail / Yahoo / WindowsLive / OpenId accounts
    • Option to Share your public event from EventEve.com to Facebook, Twitter, GoogleBuzz, LinkedIn, Orkut, etc. has been introduced
    • Your Guests can now add your event to their Outlook, Google and Yahoo Calendars
    • Party Ideas section has been introduced. Content is currently being added.
  3. We now have 250 Likes on EventEve Facebook page
  4. Various reviews of EventEve.com have been done by various sites around the world. A few significant ones are listed on EventEve News Bytes.
  5. Our Visitor and Site statistics are improving every week

You can’t imagine how excited we get whenever we get a feedback from you. It keeps us on our toes till we are done with it.

We want to thank all our friends and family for all the help and feedback they have been providing from day one. EventEve.com, in veracity, would not have existed without friends, a few of whom are have been active in bringing the blocks together to build it.

Stay tuned for some big surprises on EventEve.com, that we are working on!

With the festival season right round the corner, we are sure you will get ample of opportunities to put us to test…

Warmest Wishes,
The EventEve Team

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May the festival of lights bring joy and prosperity to you and your family

Happy Diwali
Diwali is here again. We hope you all are busy enjoying the festival with all your enthusiasm and spirits. It was good to see a few very-nicely planned events via EventEve.com from USA. The encouragement from the hosts was quite heart-warming, and feedback and suggestions, quite essential.

While the new modules and features are still in the pipeline, you all can now leave your “Review” for EventEve.com on the newly added “Reviews” tab on our Facebook page.

Don’t forget to delight your dear ones and light the lives of some not-so-blessed people this Diwali!

With you in all your celebrations,
The EventEve Team

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Happy Teachers’ Day !

Teachers DayGood Day friends!
Like most schools, we are celebrating Teachers’ Day today – remembering and saluting our teachers and everyone else’s !!!

“Without you, we would have been lost.
Thank you teachers for guiding us, inspiring us
And making us what we are today.”

…Happy Teachers Day! :)

Visit EventEve.com – Party Ideas for entertaining ideas on -
Party Games | Party Food Recipes | Estimating Party Budget Party Checklist | Gift Ideas

The EventEve Team

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Happy Independence Day!

With a salute to our Tiranga, and the Martyrs who sacrificed their lives to bring Independence to us, we wish every Indian a very Happy 64th Independence Day.

We believe that India has come a long way, but not with the pace it could have. There are miles to go, and we all share the same passion our freedom fighters had! So, let’s pledge again to make India the India where everyone is righteous, brave, compassionate and prosperous, where nature and science go hand in hand, where there is love, peace and prosperity!

Come brothers and sisters, let’s join hands once again and start doing our bit from today..
Afterall, “Bharat humko jaan se pyaara hai..!!”

Proud to be Indians,
The EventEve Team

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How to host a Memorable Get-together!

Do you believe that it takes lots of money or a degree in culinary arts to host a great party at home? Naah! Just some pre-planning, a little creativity, and voila, a convenient, memorable Party is on!!

Here’s a handy checklist to plan a party

At least 2/3 days before

1. Choose a party theme and design your invite accordingly.
2. Prepare your guest list and Set the date after checking with a few key guests for their availability.
3. Send out the Invitation
4. Plan a party menu that goes with the theme and can be prepared in advance.
If you have to be in the kitchen the whole time, then you are leaving your guests to fend for them.
5. Alternatively, plan a Potluck party and allow your guests to choose “what to bring” from your menu.
6. Plan separate food for kids.
7. Decide on the Décor and music to go with the theme of the party.

1 day before the party

1. Send Email/SMS Reminders to Guests.
2. Prepare food that can be refrigerated and get your party supplies.
3. Designate an area for kids to play and stock it with story books, coloring books and crayons so that they enjoy and do not run all over the house.
4. Plan a few games keeping the age group of guests in mind.
5. Get your camera ready.

On the day of the party

1. Decorate the house and re-arrange the furniture to make it party-friendly.
2. Food presentation for your dinner party is just as important as the food itself.
   a. When setting the table use a nice tablecloth with matching place mats, napkins and rings
   b. Use your best china to lay out the meal elegantly.
   c. Use pitchers/ice buckets to serve drinks.
   d. Use a tall wine glass to serve breadsticks.
   e. Garnish desserts with mint leaves, strawberries, powdered sugar or a twirl of chocolate sauce.
3. Play music, dim the lights and use candles to create a pleasing ambiance.
4. Relax and smile. No matter how worried you are about mishaps in the kitchen or the decorations, make sure you greet all your guests as they arrive.
5. Serve each guest their first drink and then let them know how to help themselves after that.
6. One interesting way to pep up party is to keep the event moving. Have your party progress from one part of your home to another. For example, serve appetizers and cocktails on the patio, arrange for dinner in the dining room, and have dessert in the living room.
7. Play games and click pictures.
8. Don’t spend the entire party serving your guests. You are a host, not a waiter. Arrange food as a Buffet.
9. If someone spills food or a drink, do a quick wipe up and get back to the party. You can tackle it later. As long as each guest leaves feeling pampered and cherished, you’ve been a terrific host.

1 day after the party

1. Thank your guests for joining in to make the party special.
2. Share Photos and Videos of the party with guests.

Cheers! :)
The EventEve Team
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A few ideas to celebrate Mother’s Day straight from the heart!

13th May 2012 – One day in a year dedicated to celebrate the most-selfless, the most-giving, the most-taken-for-granted relations of all! Deep in our hearts we all know that the person who has always been there for us, who has been ecstatic in our happiness, miserable in our sorrows, praying for our success day in and day out, is none other than our Mother. With our fast-paced lives, we rarely find time to visit her, to talk to her on phone for long, be by her bedside when she is ill. But she understands. She never demands anything from us. But deep down, she yearns.. for our love, our care and our attention.

To thank HER this Mother’s Day, here are a few ideas:

  • Collect a few lovely photos of her with you, make a collage, get it framed for her room and/or yours
  • Take her out shopping for things, she likes and be her genie
  • Make a hand-made card for her, write your feelings for her (optionally, with photos of her and you)
  • Make her feel like a queen; do all her chores, pamper her by taking her for a beauty treatment, followed by a great meal at her favorite restaurant
  • Thank her and acknowledge the fact that you and your achievements (good ones) are all because of her

We’d love it if you can share with us some of your ideas on how to celebrate Mother’s Day this year in the comments below!

If you are planning a Mother’s Day event, choose from 100s of Free Invitation designs at EventEve, and send Free Online Invitations.

Continue reading more on Mother’s Day >>

Saluting all Mothers,
The EventEve Team

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